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My Favorite Dog Booties!

My Favorite Dog Booties!


  • Suzann

    When work days are rough or filled with office drama, I slip in a couple of Noodle’s videos. She never fails to lift my spirits and make me smile!

  • Pattie Leonardis

    You guys have the most beautiful family. I love Noodles’ facial expressions. Naomi and Noodles are so sweet.together. Love your videos. You always make me smile!

  • Pamelia

    Thanks so much for sharing Noodles. We share her video at the office. Makes work life so much more fun. Now, I want one!!

  • Becky long

    my Havenese “Birdie” has the same beautiful eyes as “Noodles “. They are so intelligent and expressive at the same time. We love your videos and share them with our friends 🥰🥰

  • Ann

    I am in love with my bestie Noods. That’s all I have to say except that I can hardly wait for new episodes about Noodles. She is the smartest pooch I have ever known. Oh, and the best dressed.

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