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My Favorite Dog Booties!

My Favorite Dog Booties!


  • Priscila

    Noodles is hillarious! I love her sassy and salty personality … her outfits re stylish! She makes my day!


  • Tammie

    Noodles you say everything that we want to say at the office!

  • Barbara Furlong

    I abdolutely love you and Noodles. What will change when Naomi arrives.

  • Demeiko

    I absolutely love Noodles. She makes my heart happy 😊. I love her sassy remarks 😂

  • Connie

    Dear Noodles Mama,
    My sister and I are big Noodles fans. She is so adorable and her posts are relatable to situations in the office. Question, would you consider a Noodles stuffed animal in one of her cute outfits for sale some day? I think they would be a hot item. Regards

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