Instagram Subscription

Instagram presented us with the opportunity for our followers to subscribe to our content!

What does this means?

It means if you subscribe to our content, you'll be supporting our content creation, i.e., reels, pictures, stories, etc. Most importantly, you'll be supporting me! My parents pour a lot of time and effort into our videos and it's just nice to reap some of the benefits. It's very similar to patreon on YouTube and subscribers on Twitch. 

What do I get as a subscriber?

As a subscriber you'll receive the following:

1. 20% off merch

2. First to know and first to shop new merch

3. Discount for personalized videos. $25 ($100 value).

4. Behind the scenes of every reel I post.

5. Sneak peeks of reels before they are posted.

6. General updates on any exciting new collaborations.

7. Personal chat. I get a million DMs but I'll pay special attention to yours.

8. Reel suggestions

9. Subscriber of the Month! This person will receive a free item from our merch store.

10. Meet Noodles when you're in the neighborhood! We live in NYC. We've already met some of you! Just let me know in advance and I will set up a time that works for both of us!

11. Instagram live! We plan on going live once a month. Subscribers will be notified in advance.

I followed you. Is that the same thing as a Subscription?

No, a subscription costs 4.99/month and you get exclusive perks. A following is simply following =)

How much does it cost?

It cost $4.99 USD/month


How do I subscribe?

Visit our instagram profile: @noodlesthepooch

And click on the subscribe button right in our bio! See the photo below: